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Sunset on the sea
Flensburger Logo on a wall
To this day, the Flensburg brewery has stuck to the characteristic swing top.

HGDF has held a share in the Flensburg brewery since 1994. During this time, the Flens had long been a cult beer in Germany and part of German popular culture (e.g. “Werner” cartoons). For years, however, beer consumption has been going down in Germany, and many beer producers are relying on low promotional prices.

Flensburger boiler
Copper brewing vessels from the 1960s in the brewhouse of the Flensburg brewery - proven brewing tradition with modern brewing technology inside.

Small breweries find it difficult to maintain this pricing policy and therefore have to remain innovative and maintain their brands. Flensburger has always been exemplary when it comes to this. The beer in the swing top bottle is a unique and strong brand. Countless fans in Germany love their Flens – for its taste, for the typical “plopp” of the handle and the Nordic humor in their advertising.

We not only like to drink our Pilsner, but have long since thought the Flensburger brand bigger.

Andreas Dethleffsen
Managing Director HGDF

I appreciate the entrepreneurial freedom and room for manoeuvre offered by HGDF.

Sylke Moerke
Managing Director Flensburger

Collaboration with HGDF offers freedom and support in a way that is probably unique in the brewery world.

Jörn Schumann
Managing Director Flensburger

Another way to compensate for the declining thirst for beer in Germany is through exports. People abroad also enjoy drinking the beer from the fjord. We export our Flens all the way to China – and there, too, people enjoy our fresh North German “plopp”.

Responsible use of resources has always been lived at the family brewery from Flensburg. Ingredients such as barley, hops, and water have to meet high quality standards and demand an intact nature – today and in the future. Regular investments in new plant technology and processes are therefore essential for sustainable value creation. The Flensburg brewery was awarded the Schleswig-Holstein Economy Environment Prize in 1991, 1999, and 2018.

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