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Captains on the bridge of a catamaran

Subsidiaries (extract)

The company's history goes back to 1866. The portfolio of the FRS Group, which is based in northern Germany, currently includes numerous subsidiaries based in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and North America.

Ferry in the frozen sea
On the way, even in difficult conditions.
Goetz Becker

Respecting our specialist knowledge, we were able to expand our ferry business by mutual agreement and on an equal footing. HGDF proves the special trust in the cooperation especially in challenging situations.

Götz Becker
Managing Director FRS

The FRS fleet consists of a wide variety of ships: High speed catamarans, solar-powered ferries, traditional passenger ships, water taxis, and conventional RoRo/RoPax ships. FRS has been operating solar-powered electric ferries in Berlin since 2014. 40 percent of the energy required for ship operation is fed in directly from the sun every year. This makes the ships save around 22.2 t of CO₂ per year. Two more solar-powered electric ferries have been added to the fleet since 2015.

Further investments

  • Beyersdorf

    Cleanliness and hygiene will become even more important in the future. Beyersdorf is ideally positioned here.
    Cleaning of a factory by a Beyersdorf employee
  • ComLine

    Technology will permeate our lives even further in the future. ComLine is the ideal supplier for this.
    Warehouse with high shelves