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We let the visions of promising start-ups grow. We are interested in innovative products and services as well as new forms of cooperation and disruptive technologies.

HGDF is much more than an investor to us: a strong partner and part of our "Farmily". Just like us, sustainable entrepreneurship, cohesion in good and bad times and open communication are paramount, which we value immensely.

Katia Pott and Philip von Have
Blue Farm

For the scaling and expansion of the JOBMATCH.ME platform we were looking for a partner of equal standing, and found one in HGDF.  Networking with additional potential partners and exchanging ideas are always helpful and straightforward matters.

Daniel Stancke

We like working with HGDF because they give us the freedom and confidence to put our ideas into action.  In HGDF we have a strong and reliable partner at our side to help us further develop our business. They are always there when we need them.

Mareile Wölwer and Dr. Felix Röllecke
Sandra MauInvestment Management

Shaping the future together

We are inspired by bold ideas for the business of tomorrow. Are you looking for a strong partner for your business idea? Feel free to contact me!

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